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The Urantia Book -- Part II. The Local Universe
PAPER 46: Section 6.
The Executive-Administrative Squares

P527:3, 46:6.1
The executive-administrative divisions of the system are located in the immense departmental squares, one thousand in number. Each administrative unit is divided into one hundred subdivisions of ten subgroups each. These one thousand squares are clustered in ten grand divisions, thus constituting the following ten administrative departments:

  1. Physical maintenance and material improvement, the domains of physical power and energy.
  2. Arbitration, ethics, and administrative adjudication.
  3. Planetary and local affairs.
  4. Constellation and universe affairs.
  5. Education and other Melchizedek activities.
  6. Planetary and system physical progress, the scientific domains of Satania activities.
  7. Morontia affairs.
  8. Pure spirit activities and ethics.
  9. Ascendant ministry.
  10. Grand universe philosophy.

P527:14, 46:6.2
These structures are transparent; hence all system activities can be viewed even by student visitors.

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