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The Urantia Book -- Part II. The Local Universe
PAPER 39: Section 6.
Transition Ministers

P439:4, 39:6.1
As their name might suggest, seraphim of transitional ministry serve wherever they can contribute to creature transition from the material to the spiritual estate. These angels serve from the inhabited worlds to the system capitals, but those in Satania at present direct their greatest efforts toward the education of the surviving mortals on the seven mansion worlds. This ministry is diversified in accordance with the following seven orders of assignment:

  1. Seraphic Evangels.
  2. Racial Interpreters.
  3. Mind Planners.
  4. Morontia Counselors.
  5. Technicians.
  6. Recorder-Teachers.
  7. Ministering Reserves.

P439:12, 39:6.2
More about these seraphic ministers to transitional ascenders you will learn in connection with the narratives dealing with the mansion worlds and the morontia life.

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