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The Urantia Book -- Part II. The Local Universe
PAPER 35: Section 8.
The Lanonandek Sons

P392:1, 35:8.1
After the creation of the Vorondadeks, the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit unite for the purpose of bringing into existence the third order of universe sonship, the Lanonandeks. Although occupied with varied tasks connected with the system administrations, they are best known as System Sovereigns, the rulers of the local systems, and as Planetary Princes, the administrative heads of the inhabited worlds.

P392:2, 35:8.2
Being a later and lower -- as concerns divinity levels -- order of sonship creation, these beings were required to pass through certain courses of training on the Melchizedek worlds in preparation for subsequent service. They were the first students in the Melchizedek University and were classified and certified by their Melchizedek teachers and examiners according to ability, personality, and attainment.

P392:3, 35:8.3
The universe of Nebadon began its existence with exactly twelve million Lanonandeks, and when they had passed through the Melchizedek sphere, they were divided in the final tests into three classes:

P392:4, 35:8.4
1. Primary Lanonandeks. Of the highest rank there were 709,841. These are the Sons designated as System Sovereigns and assistants to the supreme councils of the constellations and as counselors in the higher administrative work of the universe.

P392:5, 35:8.5
2. Secondary Lanonandeks. Of this order emerging from Melchizedek there were 10,234,601. They are assigned as Planetary Princes and to the reserves of that order.

P392:6, 35:8.6
3. Tertiary Lanonandeks. This group contained 1,055,558. These Sons function as subordinate assistants, messengers, custodians, commissioners, observers, and prosecute the miscellaneous duties of a system and its component worlds.

P392:7, 35:8.7
It is not possible, as it is with evolutionary beings, for these Sons to progress from one group to another. When subjected to the Melchizedek training, when once tested and classified, they serve continuously in the rank assigned. Neither do these Sons engage in reproduction; their number in the universe is stationary.

P392:8, 35:8.8
In round numbers the Lanonandek order of Sons is classified on Salvington as follows:

Universe Co-ordinators and Constellation Counselors . 100,000 
System Sovereigns and Assistants. . . . . . . . . . . 600,000 
Planetary Princes and Reserves. . . . . . . . . . .10,000,000 
Messenger Corps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400,000 
Custodians and Recorders. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100,000 
Reserve Corps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800,000 

P392:15, 35:8.9
Since Lanonandeks are a somewhat lower order of sonship than the Melchizedeks and the Vorondadeks, they are of even greater service in the subordinate units of the universe, for they are capable of drawing nearer the lower creatures of the intelligent races. They also stand in greater danger of going astray, of departing from the acceptable technique of universe government. But these Lanonandeks, especially the primary order, are the most able and versatile of all local universe administrators. In executive ability they are excelled only by Gabriel and his unrevealed associates.

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