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The Urantia Book -- Part I. The Central and Superuniverses
The Messenger Hosts Of Space

P273:1, 25:0.1
Ranking intermediately in the family of the Infinite Spirit are the Messenger Hosts of Space. These versatile beings function as the connecting links between the higher personalities and the ministering spirits. The messenger hosts include the following orders of celestial beings:

  1. Havona Servitals.
  2. Universal Conciliators.
  3. Technical Advisers.
  4. Custodians of Records on Paradise.
  5. Celestial Recorders.
  6. Morontia Companions.
  7. Paradise Companions.

P273:9, 25:0.2
Of the seven groups enumerated, only three -- servitals, conciliators, and Morontia Companions -- are created as such; the remaining four represent attainment levels of the angelic orders. In accordance with inherent nature and attained status, the messenger hosts variously serve in the universe of universes but always subject to the direction of those who rule the realms of their assignment.

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