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The mystery of death is often accompanied by feelings of loss, grief, and uncertainty as to whether life exists beyond. The faith of religion provides some solace and respite from the grief, but often fails to satisfy the logical mind that yearns to know that a loved one is still a living, conscious being.

If you have experienced a loss of a loved one, create a memorial page for that individual in celebration of their life and continued evolutionary adventure.
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The Urantia Book makes clear that death is simply the technique by which we escape from the limitations of the material body thereby freeing a self-conscious personality and soul to begin the eternal adventure of seeking and finding our Father God. While affirming the power of faith to ease the sense of loss and provide peace, the book also provides authoritative details concerning our next life experiences on the mansion worlds and beyond, even to the Paradise home of God.

Through its exhilarating description of this ascending, eternal journey of learning, experience, and growth, we are able to augment the peace of faith with increasing certainty in the future life. As a result, we are better able to celebrate the opportunity for those of our loved ones who have graduated from this world to begin their eternal quest.

Let these personal Memorials not only remind us of the lives of those persons we cherish, but also serve as affirmations of our joyful support for their onward journey of exploration.
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