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These Community Pages reflect and celebrate the growing diversity of expression in The Urantia Book community. They tell the story of the profound impact these teachings have had on those truth seekers fortunate enough to have come into contact with them. Not surprisingly, the community has suffered from those human failings and foibles that history tells us have always been a part of passionate, evolutionary religion. However, the heart and soul of this story tells of dedication, commitment, the struggle to grow beyond negative human tendencies, and the profoundly unifying, freeing, and soul-building attraction of personal religious experience with God, our common Universal Father.

The various outer expressions, beliefs, and common interest groups which result from contact with the truths expressed in The Urantia Book reflect the diversity of humanity--race, gender, environment, and ethnicity. Profound as these differences may appear, they pale in comparison to the realities that unify us--the Father's bestowal of unique personality and will, our status as children of God, the gift of mind capable of seeking and doing God's will and thereby building our souls, and the Father's plan of eternal life for all of his human children. Thus, while the book is surely about the religious experience of knowing God and the God in others, it is not in itself another religion.

It is the hope of that truth seekers from all backgrounds, life experiences, belief systems, and cultures will experience the unity in this growing diversity and choose to become part of the transformation of our world.

The quest for God is everything....

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